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Default roms net affiliation? & donations

hi, if these two sites are not affiliated ? then why is it that on the zophars front page there is a link that says "new! donations" that when clicked takes you to the roms fourum page ? and it seems that the donation gos to the "other" site that is not affiliated with this one(that i paid btw to get faster DLs that do not appear , 55kbs or 90mins for one sega cd file!)
this is at best confusing and at worst a con!
i have been forced to post here as I have not recieved any replys to my mails from either site and while looking for info came accross the sticky on this site forum declaring no affiliatiuon with Zophars roms,
if anyone can? and feels able to?, without flaming me please shed some light on this ,especially because if you click on general chat on the site thats not affiliated it takes you to this page!

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