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Default Re: If the DC uses DirectX APIs...

> Then why is DC emulation taking so long? Wouldn't it just be
> a matter of conversion if the games already use the same
> DirectX APIs as a PC?

The Dreamcast doesn't use DirectX. It CAN, however, use an older custom version of Windows CE -- which, for a while, was what the majority of the homebrew ports TO the Dreamcast used. Then some guys got together and basically ported BSD-Unix, and that's used now for writing *to* the Dreamcast.

Bear in mind, however, that the Dreamcast didn't "run" Windows CE. The BIOS, for instance, isn't Windows-based. Many commercial games on the system aren't Windows-based, either. The "Powered by Windows CE" logo on the Dreamcast was put there by a deal between Sega and Microsoft, which basically was Sega's attempt at making the Dreamcast easier to program for, since that was the development community's biggest complaint about the Sega Saturn.

As for porting DC games to the PC for play/emulation, well, the Xbox is a PC. It has a Intel motherboard, Intel Processor, nVidia GPU, a standard Hard disk, and a DVD drive that is fairly standard.

And yet, Xbox porting/emulation is also very very early, and fairly slow -- and it's virtually a PC!

Problem is, you can't "port" a game without the source code.
Problem is, you can't "emulate" a system like the Xbox, without emulating the BIOS, and emulating the specific hardware in the system. Since the Xbox uses a custom Windows 2000-based OS, and a subset of Direct-X, as well as some customized PC parts, you'd think it would be easy to "port" or "emulate" games, but it's still not.

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