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Default Re: Genesis Pointers

> For example. In sonic the Hedgehog 1. The graphics for crabby are at 035A06. You could decompress that art, alter it, compress it, and stick it at the end of the ROM, wherever that is. I'll say it's 080F0E.

>Then search the ROM in a hex editor for 00035A06. Two results should come up. They're both pointers! Change themn both to your new address (00080F0E) and your all set!

> The good part is the Big Endian. No need to add a number to
> the address like you do with GBA or 32X games.

So, from what I can understand so far, as long as you'r able to get both the old and new offset in hex, you already know your pointers? Sounds kinda easy, so maybe I'm missing soething here.

But I do remember reading something similar at the repositorys forum. Well, I guess I'll just try it out on a few english roms first.

But while we're at it, what was that about GBA/32X roms? Do they use a similar system?

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