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Default Re: "And they'll know we are christians by our love..."

> Once again, only this time, it's a Wiccan.

While Great Falls chews on its defeat, the plaintiff Wynne seeks surcease. Her home has been vandalized nine times. Hoodlums have killed her cat and hanged its gutted body. Someone put sand in the gas tank of her truck. Townspeople have ostracized her. Even so, she comes across over the telephone as the most cheerful Witch I ever met. My acquaintance is limited, to be sure, but in this one I stand on the lady’s side.

What can I say? It's things like this that 'Christians' do all the time. True Christians don't do this kind of thing. The one that really gets me is the cat. I love cats :P I could never bring myself to murder someone's pet. It makes me sick and angry. Maybe they thought the cat was her familiar or something, I don't know. Either way, it's just plain wrong. I have a couple of Wiccan friends too, and I'd never in the world do that type of thing to them. They wouldn't do that type of thing either.

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