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Just a little update. I have decided to go with a name for my game reviews. It will be called Gamer X, also known as The Gamer X Show. This mainly generated from a idea from a G1 over at, and I thought it was a great idea to start a show there, but not only there, but to my Youtube account as well. Now I am not starting a new Youtube or anything. This is just a project done with AR Productions. So I won't be changing my username anywhere. It will stay the same.

I also have created a playlist on Youtube, for Season 1 reviews, and gaming videos and I have named it The Gamer X Show Season 1.

Hope you guys enjoy the new name, and the new show. I know some are not going to like the name, and thats ok, but hopefully it doesn't turn away any subscribers. I just didn't want to keep calling my videos "Game Review" I wanted to put a name behind it.

Hope you enjoy the future videos to come.
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