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100th Video Special - Game Review: Chuck Norris Superkicks:

Brand new review, and also my 100th video on the ARProductions2010 account. I hope you enjoy this review, and thank you for watching.


Here are the URL's for the channels in my "Other Channels" section. Go check out their videos, subscribe to them and enjoy their work.


Also, if you are on please check out Retro Hunters. These guys go out and buy old retro games, and they make some kickass videos.

Here is the Retro Hunters ScrewAttack:

Retro Hunters Facebook:

Retro Hunters Twitter:

RetroHunters Youtube:

I just want to give a special thanks to all my subscribers. Don't know how many times I can thank you all for being a great group of people. This is my 100th video, and I have over 2,000 subscribers, which is really cool.

I just want to say thanks to some people who have inspired me to do this.

Many of my inspirations have been other game reviewers, if they did written reviews, or video reviews. My inspiration are, the Angry Video Game Nerd, SpoonyOne, Seanbaby and the whole Broken Pixels guys on Shawn Elliott, Jeff Green, Ryan Scott, and others from GFW/CGW Radio (wish this podcast was still around), Retronauts Podcast (great podcast to listen to) Oddcast Podcast (another podcast that is awesome) Jeff Gertsmann, Classic Game Room, and ScrewAttack

As I have stated in some updates, I will still be reviewing, but there might be some weeks, I release 2 to 3 videos, and there might be some days I might release 1 if not any. I am currently focusing on offline things, and other hobbies of mine. I don't plan on stopping the reviews, but there are other things I like to do. I do these reviews because I was always a fan of retro games, and video games in general. On top of that, I always wanted to do this, and see where it goes. Like I said its a hobby, and its something I try to make fun.

Also you may have noticed some of the small changes to my videos, no more titles, and using different music (mainly game music) I was just trying some new stuff, and it seems to be working real well. As for metal music being used in my videos. I still will use it sometimes, but I like to throw some game music in there too.

As for scripts and writing. I am currently trying to make that better. I know some people don't like the way I write, and I can somewhat understand, because I am not even close to being a good writer, but I am trying to make things better. Some do like the way I write my scripts, and I do appreciate that. Also, I been working on how I speak in my videos, and try to be myself.

You may have also noticed, that the bad language has been cut back, not as many F'bombs and so on. I did this, to try to make the videos a little better, and kind of get away from the "getting angry" aspect of my videos. Although sometimes I like to raise my voice. I think its best I clean up the language a bit, but occasionally something might slip through

Looking back at my older reviews on this account. I have to say, I have improved a little (some may think not, but thats ok) and hopefully the future reviews will be better. I do not have the equipment as alot of game reviewers have, but I am trying my best, and believe me, there are soemtimes I think, why the hell did I release that video.

Lets talk a little bit about the Let's Wrestles, There still will be those, I am actually going to restart that series again (possibly deleting the old ones, except for a few) and making those better, and kind of cutting back a little bit on the language. the Let's Wrestles will still be made, just not as much as they use to be.

Well I hope this wasn't too long to read, just a big update of what is going on, and just thanking all of you, who have watched my videos, subscribed, commented, added me as a friend, and so on. Hell even my haters, this is a thank you, to you.

Once again, thanks for the support!
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