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I believe mine does not have TMSS because when I fire up my physical cartridge of Street Fighter 2 Turbo the TMSS message isn't shown, and also I can run any non-TMSS compatible game such as: Osomatsu-kun Hachamecha Gekijou, Super Daisenryaku, After Burner II (J).
My Genesis also runs some chinese bootlegs that have a number of games and a menu for choosing them instead of resetting the cartridge, those do not run on my friend's Genesis Model 3 (his model is Master System compatible but has TMSS because the message is shown before many games including my copy of SF2 turbo).
I didn't knew about the Blast-em emulator, I really liked to know about it.
So I believe that the issue should be about bad rom header since it runs on the very accurate blast-em.
I'll be experimenting more with that once I have more time.
Maybe there's a way to work out what Blast-em is auto-detecting with the absence of information on the header to then try and apply those settings permanently on the rom file.
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