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Sorry for not offering much information, I made this post late in the night and didn't even give much details, that's why I am really thankful for your response, you are a helpful person.
And yes, I am trying to run it on the Genesis, mine is one of the earliest models which didn't even have TMSS yet, so I don't think that's the issue.
In the header of the rom I was trying copying information contained in the header of other roms and then recalculating checksum before trying to fire it up on the console.
I had forgotten that homebrews might not run on the actual hardware, which is such a pitty, I enjoy Berzerk a lot, but the only console I have that runs it is the Atari 2600 with that weird diagonal shooting angle which isn't 45 degrees as it is in the Arcade.
Maybe I just screwed up on the H and V Blank portion of the header.
That's what I will look into if I can understand it.
Thanks again for the response, you gave me one more bullet to try and shoot the issue.
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