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Post Hmmm...

The .bin vs. .smd thing strikes a chord. I checked and the ROM itself, in the .zip backup I have, is .bin - Sorcerers Kingdom (U) (REV 01) [!].bin, to be precise.

But the file I have in my Tile Layer Pro folder is SorKtest.smd, and I don't recall if I simply renamed it or what. I think, if I did rename it, it was because Tile Layer wouldn't load it as a .bin file, and for some reason I experimented (I don't usually go around renaming file extentions all willy-nilly). I don't believe I downloaded a separate file.

Now, as for what I can actually make out at a cursory scan:

First, there's the text (copied from a screenshot); I haven't seen anything like it in Tile Layer's load of the file.

Secondly (in the red), I managed to find some sort of unfamiliar logo. It clearly says "The E--" and it might be a company logo; I didn't see something like that in the loading of the game.

Thirdly, the big stuff: Some sort of... hut? and a giant mountain. I think maybe if I had played the game more recently, these would look familiar, but they really don't. Maybe they're part of the map screen? Who knows. In the dark green circle I've highlighted a... cake-shaped thing that might be a building of some sort. Similarly, there's some little building to the south.

Again, haven't played the game recently, but to the extent of my recollection, this is a game very like Zelda. There is a map, but there's no external map mode (as with Final Fantasy IV) where you walk around. The houses are big and detailed. Maybe these tiny buildings are on the map itself, but it just kinda seems odd.

Fourthly, in the blue, we have a section from a large collection of pieces that probably would make a picture if you moved them around enough. Kind of like a jigsaw puzzle where you don't have the lid.

And lastly, in the yellow, there's stuff I'm pretty sure is just fuzz. Static. Lack of graphical information.

I guess it's a little less hopeless than staring at the Matrix screen. At least I'm getting actually pictures here and there. But still, no sprites.
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