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Thumbs up I'll give it a try

I will definitely fine-tooth-comb the text area now, looking to see if I can find that dictionary nearby. I expect that'll be the answer there, although if not, I'll be back

As far as the graphics: It's like looking at the Matrix screen. I'm sure there's a pattern there I'm supposed to be able to clue into, but so far I'm failing to spot even a single recognizable square. But since graphics aren't my focus, I was just toying with it anyway. I figured I'd spot a sprite (or part of a sprite), but so far, no dice.

Genesis games, though, have finer graphics than NES and SNES games - speaking from the scant experience I have ripping graphics for use in fangames. Genesis uses way more pixels than the 24x32 base I'm used to. It makes it look nicer, but I expect that it also makes it harder to recognize graphics when they're split into chunks (since an 8x8 square would be a fairly large chunk of an NES sprite but a fairly small chunk of a Genesis sprite).

That's why I expect it will be difficult for me to recognize the graphics even if they're uncompressed... and why I'm not going into graphics at present. I was just expressing a hope that the text compression was code instead of graphics (since I've seen graphical text compression in Ultima: Quest of the Avatar, with the names of the virtues etc.).

So I guess it's back to work I go
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