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It sounds like what you're dealing with is dictionary compression. If this is the case, do a search for one of the words in the "dictionary" and you should encounter a list of all of those words that include multiple values. It will most likely appear shortly after the rest of the game's text, though it could appear before the main text, as well. (For that matter, it *could* appear right in the middle of the text, but that would be rather unusual.)

As for not being able to find the font... Are you able to see the rest of the graphics in the game? If not, it may be that the graphics are compressed, an extremely common occurrence in Genesis games. There are a few utilities that may be able to locate common compression schemes and decompress the graphics (Nemesis Searcher is one such utility) but there's no guarantee that a particular game is compatible with these tools.

If you *can* see the other graphics, it's possible that your font is stored in a different bit plane than the rest of the graphics. Try switching to 1BPP which is a common format for fonts to be stored in almost every platform. (Fonts often consist of only 2 colors (usually white on black, but that's irrelevant) so they are often stored as 1BPP graphics so as to save space.)
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