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Arrow Sorcerer's Kingdom: Where to find "dictionary"?

Okay, so the Sega Genesis game Sorcerer's Kingdom turns out to be a great first project. It doesn't appear to have been translated before; it's an enjoyable game with some odd mechanics I haven't found elsewhere; and the text was easy to find, even the digraph-compression stuff.

So now I've figured out my table, most of it. And it includes a few longer entries: monster, King, have (with a space after it), you, the, and, ing, ill, etc.

My question is: How do I figure out where these words are defined, so that I could change them into something else?

I haven't been able to locate the font using Tile Layer; that's still a little confusing for me, especially where this game is concerned. So I'm hoping that it's defined in the code (that is, "King" works out to "K, i, n, g" instead of "graphic 1, graphic 2"). But I really have no idea how to locate this part.

In case it matters: I'm using WindHex.

I appreciate any help you can give me!
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