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What people don't seem to realize is that it's perfectly acceptable for Amish people to ride in regular vehicles, they just can't drive them. One of the largest Amish settlements in the country is fairly close to me. There are people who make a living by driving the Amish around any time they need to make long distance trips. (As in, the 20 miles or so to the closest Walmart.) They certainly do use the horse & buggies for shorter trips, however. I took my girlfriend up there the day after Thanksgiving when they have a big crafts festival and saw several of them in the surrounding area. If it wasn't 30 degrees at the time, we likely would have taken a ride in the 2 they were using to give tours of the town.

As for the subject question, I don't think $5 gas would change my driving habits much at all. The only thing it would do is increase my hatred of the American sugar cartel. If they didn't get such bullshit concessions from the government, we could have sub-$1 ethanol. Instead, we're stuck with corn ethanol which is less efficient, costs more and fucks with our food costs, as well. Meanwhile, South America is using their much higher quality, much cheaper ethanol and laughing at the Northern mongaloids.
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