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Originally Posted by Lillymon View Post
Since we're doing this now, I'll bring the third mention of Asperger syndrome to this topic. I was diagnosed while still in primary school (so under the age of 12) and it was apparently a pretty easy diagnosis. It's the only sort of mental health issue I've been diagnosed with and I made my way through a few different anti-depressants before I stopped taking the things entirely (citalopram was what I was taking when I stopped).
It's funny (not in a humorous way), because a lot of people that I interact with, upon finding out that I have Asperger's, are like "Wait...what?" I've really improved on the social side of it, although now I tend to hang out with "anti-social" kids. Go figure.

Originally Posted by GameGirl36 View Post
Hello all, I'm pretty new here, but what isn't new is my Mental health. I really don't like talking about my issues because it still bothers me after all of these years. I not only suffer from Anxiety, depression and severely emotionally disturbed, but I suffer from a lifelong Learning disability because of this. I haven't been doing well in school for years and that affected me greatly as I gotten older . Every kid in school would somehow, someway knew I was different than the rest and they bullied me and hurt me physically and mentally because I also can't read, write and do Math beyond 4th grade. Yet, I'm writing to you here even though I tend to go off-topic most of the time, it's just my way of calling for help so please don't judge me because of my issues. All I ask is to please allow me to be your friend .
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