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Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
What? How could you draw that conclusion?
I am familiar with such problems. Haven been stocked by one in 2000 from a Natural Law Party connection (did not like my usenet posts about Buchanan or something. As if to him it lost Hagelin the election and nomination).

Also Bale (he was in the right) goes off at an idiot second uniter walking in front of the Camera because of a lack of professional conduct impressed upon him by the guy who should have showed some leadership.

It's a pattern. Not to mention other messed up crap related to his sets in 2000. He was good about set scouting. But damn.

Grew up in the biz.

Nothing like this ever came from Frankenheimer (bless his soul) or others; well there is some gnome PA wannabe on sets who followed me home and stopped me one day wasting my time as well come to think of it.

My life would have been easier without that gold digging hobbyist being in town.

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