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In Re Chapter 2: I would say that almost 100% of the time, you are correct. I was burned this way three times trying to make the jump from friend.

However, my current girlfriend with whom I have been together just shy of three years, was a successful jump. We had been friends for a little over a year. I think somewhere in the back of her mind, she liked me already. That and moving 8,000 miles to be with her probably left a pretty big impression.

It can happen. I have another friend who ended up marrying his best friend, and they are very happy together. They just had their second child.

Expect to fail, but if by some chance you succeed, it could be a relationship that was worth all the pain and trouble leading up to it.

That said, you have to tell her. Either tell her yourself or get one of her friends to drop a few hints. Women are totally oblivious to evidence you like them once you are considered a friend, so you might need that help. If you don't tell her, then you are just waisting your time. Continue with the above Chapter 2. If you tell her, you can get your heart smashed, lose a bunch of your mutual friends and move on with finding someone else.
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