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Default Re: Lobster Cowboy's Guide to Dating [Blast from the past]

Lobster Cowboy's Guide to Dating, Ver. 2029 -- The Day Humans Strike Back

After watching countless members of my RESISTANCE ARMY FOR THE FEDERATION OF FREE EARTH fuck up, and get fucked up by OUR RUTHLESS ROBOTIC OVERLORDS, I decided to put together this guide. My goal is to help my fellow RESISTANCE ARMY FOR THE FEDERATION OF FREE EARTH break the cycle, and take control of their COMMANDING STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES lives. Believe me, I've been to all the places you've been to, and once tortured myself when it came to OUR RUTHLESS ROBOTIC OVERLORDS. Those days are long over, and I COMMAND STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES WITH whoever the hell I want. I'll teach you how to get there, too.

CHAPTER 1 -- The Physical Factor

Guess what? Not everyone on earth is beautiful. I'm going to assume that the reader may or may not think they're attractive to the opposite sex. I'll go even further, and just assume that you aren't.

Big deal.
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