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Default Dark Future

Name: Pokémon Dark Future
Hack of: Pokémon Silver (U) ROM

This is a hack that I started summer 2010 and quitted but now, I decided to start it over again. I've gotten better since then and understand properly how the ROM works (I still have problems with changing map connections and don't know assembly but otherwise the hack is going fine).

You're a normal male student living with your family, and own pet, Eevee, in Southern Edge of The Capital. The Capital is the biggest city in a planet called Suden where the story takes place. One day, you're woken up to get to school immediately, your professor has made some discovery he wants you to see. It seems he and his colleagues have found some ancient text explaining the "Legend of Suden".

From now on, your studying life gets a lot different from what it used to be; you and one of your class mates embark on an adventure in search of the Elemental Orbs (has to do with the legend of course).

However, the plan doesn't go the way you and your professor intented to...


By the way, that worldmap picture is only a sketch.
It will change (and so will that "Johto" text).


A short demo is available!
Download here

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