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I've got an infliction enough to practically narrate to myself in thought when I'm not busy (rather thirsty many days), talking myself the entire 2.5 miles of walking home on those marvelous rainy days, and the only one I conflict with really is myself. I am always frightened at the outcome of missing a hole in any statement I make, which I know skeptically that fear is ignorance, but I take everything seriously mates. Even when I chose to ignore, I might just take it seriously enough to cackle to my self.

But opposing ideas with another person? Like I have the balls to presume I'm right, unless there's some kind of business involved, and it freggin matters. And I'm not trying to get all moral on someone or think I'm God or whatever the hell. And being attacked for getting all philosophical instead of attacking them back with disagreements or flattering them without. I'm sick of white bigots. Ever wonder why I'm one of them?

At the same time there's all this crap and prejudice, e.g. against arrogance. For one to think thy self is God...I don't see why that is so bad. If we were all one, that would be true? That's not a finished battle, don't get me wrong, but it could just mean a part simply. I don't really care though, sick of prejudice. And all sickness is prejudice.
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