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D--: Unfortunately not, since the S3M's are converted to NSFs one by one, I'm sure S3M2NSF treats each NSF as it's own "game" as it were. The music in NES standards are probably so large because of the S3M format nature that it wouldn't work in one NSF.

If I had a custom made music system that supported macro instrumentation, tempos and the like..and maybe an S3M to that format converter..well, things might be much different.

Hell maybe if I get bored enough, I'll make this soundtrack for the GBC using my GBC music software.. okay maybe no.

The 9th Sage: Cool, any comments would be appreciated..I really did work a long time on these songs. I strived for accuracy but there are a couple errors I noticed in one or two songs that I could have made better..however I've already released the soundtrack to various NSF archives.
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