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Originally Posted by Umiliphus View Post
That initial Megaman must have been the worst of them, in regards to sadism.
save for the annoying blob monster which took me maybe 10 tries, megaman was not very difficult in my opinion. friends had been complaining about how hard it was, but i didnt have much trouble with it.

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I wanna be the guy
yea i saw this game a few weeks ago. it was purposefully made to be a volcanic eruption of cheap deaths and gameover screens. i dont have the patience to deal with, altho it did look pretty fun when you were alive.

coincidental funny excerpt from the IWBTG official faq on the creators site
Q: What is this game made in?

A: It's a rom hack of battle toads.

Q: But battle toads wasn't anything like this!

A: It is toward the end? Have you ever got to the end of battle toads?

Q: No but...

A: Then shut your whore ass mouth and take my word for it. I also used a bit of Multimedia fusion.
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Star Ocean 2 (PSX) with limiter off.

If you play normal (earth mode) it is possible to win this game. But with limiter off it's impossible! And there is still galaxy and universe mode...

I'm an RPG fan who wants to get it all and trains until the last quest is solved and the last secret is found. But this is the one and only RPG where I had to quit. None of my friends made it. And they believed I was the only one they know who might have a chance.
yes yes, i never did get around the playing that one on higher difficulty settings because my brother sold it. I did get Till the End of Time and went all through the sphere 211 beating Lenneth and Freya and all. those bosses were so impossibly hard on normal tho i dont really even want to try it on galaxy or universe or whatever. How can you top a 1 hit kill move that covers 95% percent of the field? cap them off with like 300 million hp, new moves and god speed + your parties moronic AI and i just dont see it happening without a gameshark.
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