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Originally Posted by Umiliphus View Post
I wouldn't want to be associated with pretentious toolbags (though we're all here, right?) but I'd take them over angry, angry, willfully ignorant secessionists who consider an ethnic sounding middle name grounds for deportation (or worse) if I absolutely had to take one. I don't have to go far out of my way at all to see "Hussein" placed between "Obama" and "Barack" used as some attempt at making a point which really does not exist.
Yeah, the argument can work both ways...but I have a metaphor working in my favor

I suppose with a change in environment I might agree with you. However, for the people I interact with, the TV shows that I watch, and the Internet that I so often frequent, I just see so many more obnoxious Obama supporters than I do obnoxious McCain supporters.
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