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Originally Posted by MegaManJuno View Post
Except that Risk is still miles above St. Anger on the listenable scale... Haven't heard the new Metallica one yet, but plan to pick it up. Sure Load and Reload weren't true to the old Metallica form, but still had some decent songs, IMO... and were listenable, at least. The pingy drums (and general overall sound quality) on St. Anger I think irritate me more than anything else about the album. They may have started out as a garage band, with shitty sound quality, but they aren't one now. Purposefully ruining the sound quality to somehow try to sound more "true", was just a really shitty decison in my book.
Well, I loved St. Anger too. When listening to it, I imagine myself with the band in a garage. I can understand why so many people hate the album, but I like it. Sure, there's no solo, but Metallica made so many great albums that they can experience something else for a change. I also like Load/ReLoad. In fact, I love every albums, I think that I can only say about Metallica, Iron Maiden and Megadeth.
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