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-Nes; 2 Controllers, 1 Zapper, 2 worthless wireless controllers
-Snes; 2 Controllers(1 busted), Super Gameboy
-Gamegear; Ac adapter(broken), screen magnifier
-N64; 2 Controllers(1 third party), 1 Memory cart, Extended Ram thing, Gameboy lock-on adapter
-Gamecube; 1 Controller, 2 memory cards(1 small, 1 large), GBA player, GBA=GC link cable
-GBA; Ac adapter(Slightly damaged), Wireless adapter, GBA headphones(semi broken)
-DS; Castlevania Stylus(glued back together)
-Wii, 1 Wiimote + nunchuk

Oh my sister took the Atar with her as well as her Playstation so that doesn't count. There is still an Apple ][e around here with; joystick, koala pad, two drives, ribbon printer, some kind of replacement colour monitor.
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