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Default Re: Anti-social Personality Disorder

> In truth, gender is only a spectrum. Every female has male
> qualities, and every male has female qualities. So to say that
> someone is "male" or "female" is limiting, in that they have
> characteristics of each within each "gender".

I have to agree on that, personally. I've never attached much importance to gender myself, aside from whatever part of it affects your personality. I kinda disagree with... umm... the parts about discarding gender entirely, creating perfect balance between male and female (be it personality or physical characteristics you're referring to), and having only one gender causing a "personality imbalance," though. I mean, variety is fun, you know? It's what makes the world interesting, and although I completely think it sucks when somebody is miserable because they were born transsexual, I don't think gender is necessarily a limiting thing.

And for the record, I am bisexual (and, well, female) myself. That's just the way I feel about things-- I'm just attracted to males and females. Period. I think it's weird that there seem to be people that understand ONLY being bi or ONLY being gay, but not both... But hey, I don't really mind that people don't really understand either state, as long as they aren't prejudiced against people because of it. Heck, some people who THINK they're one sexual orientation don't actually understand whether they are or not, but that's for them to work out for themselves. Heck, orientation is another spectrum, separate from gender, too. =)

I would say that this discussion is getting off-topic, but then again the first post's actual TEXT was about sticking your dick and pancakes (and created by the person I'm replying to), so... <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>
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