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Default Re: VBA Sound Trouble

> Check for viruses and spyware...also have you installed
> something recently? check your processes....right click on
> the toolbar at the bottom and select task manager, then
> processes

I can quote myself, here: "I scanned my computer (even though I was sure there wouldn't be anything to find) and I don't have some random virus/spyware/adware that ONLY targets VBA." And no, I haven't installed anything recently-- in fact, I don't remember even changing ANY settings on ANYTHING lately, that's what's so weird about this. I know that most people aren't knowledgable about viruses or spy/adware (particularly females!), but thankfully that was one of the first couple things I checked after spending forever searching my settings. Would be a good suggestion if I hadn't beaten you to it, though. =)

>It could be a configuration problem. Have you tried deleting
>vba.ini? The emulator will automatically create a new one with
>default settings. It might help.

As I said, I didn't expect my settings were the problem, since I haven't changed them, but I did give what you said a shot anyway... Changed all my settings back to roughly what they were (since I don't like at least half of the default settings), though the INI file was a lot smaller than what I used to have for some reason, waited... It almost sounded like it might have fixed it, but then it popped back up again. Arrrgh! Thanks for the suggestion though. =D
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