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Yeah, sorry for necroposting, but here's my take on the afterlife.

There is none, unless you consider oblivion an afterlife. Conciousness is simply a result of chemical and electrical activity in the brain.

A very simple way to prove this is to take something like LSD; in high amounts, you start getting synesthesia, which means the sensory inputs going into the brain start getting crossed. You can literally taste light, see sound, etc, and the complete shattering of normal reality can be disturbing, to say the least. Thought processes also become radically different, and the stream of conciousness takes on completely different forms.

Once you see how your mind and reality itself can be percieved in such a radically different way from adding one chemical into the machinary of the brain, you have a hard time not believing that your mind is simply a biochemical phenomenon.

Also, I have a brother who's went into a couple of diabetic comas. During these times, he said it was just like he closed his eyes, and an instant later he was in the hospital. Since the brain basically shuts down all but fundamental processes in a coma, I imagine this is exactly what death is like; slipping into nothingness. As Crazy_MYKL said, this would be exactly like what it was like for you before you were born. Try thinking of that for a while.

Which, really, isn't so bad, I would think, because it's not like you can reflect on the subject and decide whether it's good or it sucks after the fact.
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