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Most humans are obsessed with their mortality. Fear of death and nonexistence is part of an intense evolutionary design towards self-preservation, which paradoxically includes a fear of ultimate death (an inevitable end to life). One thing is certain, whether or not our consciousness continues past death, our connection with Earth as we know it is permanently severed. This fear of death is often quelled by legacy (children, grandchildren, life's work etc).

Ultimately, I do believe in the continuance of my consciousness after life... but this alone isn't enough to end a fear of death. I fear early death, where I have absolutely no fear of growing old and dying. I fear death without legacy, not "being famous", but leaving a passion behind that is significant enough to offer an ending contribution to humanity. I find your points interesting. People forget sometimes that these concepts are highly limited by our own ability to communicate them. I hope to have a continued consciousness, that the mind is simply a vessel for the "soul".
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