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Default Slave... Safe Mode... Help?!!

Was trying to install Service Pack 2 for XP for a friend (yes, they already had SP1 installed). I made sure to make a restore point before doing SP2, but the restore point got erased by the SP2 installation?!

Anyway, once the SP2 installation was done, the system could only boot into Safe Mode (without network support). If a regular boot was attempted (or safe mode with networking), it'd come up with an error regarding ntdll.dll.

I tried doing a system restore . . . I restored as far back as the system could, but the installation had removed all previous restore points. Even though over 4gb is allowed for restore points, there were only 10 or so.... The furthest one back still gave the error on boot up regarding ntdll.

Genius me... I went back into Safe Mode and did the following:
-Copy ntdll.dll from the I386 folder (the SP1 version of the file)
-Rename the system32 version of ntdll.dll to ntdll.dll.old
-Paste the "new" ntdll.dll into the system 32 folder

After doing this, the system *won't even get into Safe Mode*?!! It keeps telling me that Procedure1 Initialization failed.

Why I am posting this:
There is no XP boot disk or recovery disk. I took the harddrive out of the machine and placed it in a Win95 machine as a slave. The bios *does* detect the harddrive correctly on start up, but I can't seem to find it anywhere . . . Neither DOS nor Windows can see the slave drive (ie- there's no letter for the drive).

Does anyone know:
a) Why I can't see the files on the slave drive (let alone the drive itself)?
b) Any other ways to fix the problem with the XP harddrive?

*Note*- The reason I'm trying to turn the XP drive into a slave is so that I can access the files and undo the name change to ntdll.
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