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Default Re: Can you see a vampire through a one way mirror?

> [o rly picture]

ya rly.

$100 is a lot of fucking money. Once you learn the value of a dollar you'll see what I mean.

If I have to choose between spending that $100 on 8 hours of entertainment or on two weeks' worth of food.... guess which one I'm going to pick?

> There's something called a "killer app". It happens for
> every console.

That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.

Again -- you'll see money differently in the future. Then you'll understand what I mean when I say no single video game is ever worth $100.

> Wimp......

blah blah.

> I don't see you having a whining fest about getting a
> console for a game you like; those cost more.

Where was this whining fest? All I said was "there's no way in hell I'm buying the game -- it's not worth the money". After that I've merely been replying to your comments to further explain my position.

Besides... I don't buy consoles either, so you're point here is stupid and moot. I don't think I've ever even so much as touched a PS2, or XBox in my life -- and I only played Tiger Woods Golf and I think Double Dash on my friend's Gamecube a few times like 2 years ago.

Like I said -- games just aren't worth the money to me. I'd rather not play them at all than pay money for them. Being able to get them for free via emulation is just a nice bonus.

> Have you used MS paint at all??? Surely that would show you
> how clunky a mouse is when precision is needed.

I said "good enough for me". Not "the best solution for everybody". There's a clear difference. I've already said I know it wouldn't be as good as the system.

See? Right here:

<blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

Did I ever say it would be? I'm sure using the mouse will be good enough for me. <u>Does that mean it'll be as zomg awesome as the actual system? Of course not.</u>


And yes... when I said "I'm sure"... I really did mean I'm sure.

> You think you have low income? I DON'T GET MONEY UNLESS IT'S

As someone already mentioned. There's a difference between gift income+no expenses and low income+expenses.

Until you have to start pawning your possesions to pay the rent (which I had to do during a tight stretch when I lived in Berkeley -- lost my whole NES collection, most of my SNES and PSX stuff, and all my N64 stuff), don't talk to me about having low income.

> I get $200 annually

But see -- that's what we call "disposable income". So you can afford to spend $100 on fun things, because that money has nowhere else to go.

> WIMP.....

blah blah. If that's all you've got then I'm about done.

> Then hold it up above your head on a sofa. Surely you CAN do
> that, right?

Holding your arms up in the air hurts after 5 or 10 minutes. A fight with gravity is the one fight you can't win.
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