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Default Re: Need some help with SMB hack.

Okay... keep in mind that my Romhacking knowlege is crude at best.
> Whats the offset that determines how high Mario jumps?
> Whats the offset that determinds how fast Mario runs?

I beleive there are game-genie codes that affect this. Sno-bro wrote a very clear guide on howto convert GG hard code GG codes in a hex editor (plus you could easily modify the hex value to suit your needs)
This document probably has every SMB1 gg code imaginable.

> How would I make some sort of shop to buy things using
> coins? (I dont think I'll be able to do this, but I thought
> I'd might as well ask)
Just isn't feasible. You'd need to code mapper use into the ROM.

> How do I make bonuses for beating the level in under a
> certain amount of time?
You'd probably do best by hacking the fireworks code.

> I have the fireballs shooting straight. Is there any way to
> stop them in midair so it's like a sword effect?
Probably a fairly non-painful way to do this, but i don't know what it is.

> How would I make a vertical scrolling level?
You don't.

> How would I add more powerups?
Easiest thing would be to modify existing powerups.

Honestly, even if you were an expert hacker, for most of that stuff, I'm sure you'd have a much better time startning with SMB3, as it already implements a lot fo this stuff, plus, DarkDaihz has shown us how extensively one can alter the SMB3 core in Mario Adventure. In the end, I think the lack of Mapper use is what would ultimately kill a really ambituous project for SMB1.

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