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Default Re: Need some help with SMB hack.

> How would I make a vertical scrolling level?

Short Answer: You don't

Long Answer:

SMB has Vertical Mirroring (hardwired) -- meaning the two nametables are placed side by side horizontally. The actual level is drawn on the bottom portion of both nametables, and the status bar is drawn at the top of nametable A. For a visual of this... Get FCEUXD, open the nametable viewer and run through the level. You can see how the nametables change as you scroll through the level.

Since no part of SMB employs vertical scrolling of ANY kind... you'd basically have to rewrite the scrolling routines from scratch. This is a difficult task by itself... but to make things even more complicated, you'd have to constantly move around and redraw the status bar since, if you're scrolling vertically, the level will be drawn over the status bar at times.

You could switch it to Horizontal Mirroring... but this would demand a complete rewrite of pretty much all the drawing routines in the game (the in game drawing seems to load and draw tiles WELL before they're actually put on screen... if you just switch mirroring without preventing that... it will draw over stuff which is still onscreen).

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