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Originally Posted by Red-XIII View Post
Actually I'm hoping the same Navy Seal Team goes after Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church as their next target.
Uh... it wouldn't take a SEAL time, there's not much security at the Phelps church. I'm moving very close to there in less than two weeks.

Originally Posted by pipes View Post
My question is real, but the kick ass duo was sarcasm! If palin was a real running mate of his, that would be a team of stupid. It would be a joke (Him actually running is already a fucking joke). If trump gets like one bit of support and actually gets far I am out of this country! For real! It's not that I hate it, but I would be too scared to stay here!
If you knew anything about politics, you'd know that nobody selects a running mate prior to winning the primaries. And I'm pretty sure both Donald Trump & Sarah Palin know far more about life, the universe and everything than you ever will. I may not agree with a single thing they say/do, but at least they're out there doing something instead of sitting on the Internet whining about it.
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