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personally speaking, I come to ZD for the good company (which you are not a part of at this time) and I know that any new hacks or rom/romhacking news currently on the go is available at many place I already frequent. Seems that a lot of the folks I know here at ZD are also in the same category. Therefore, while I praise your using ZD as an outlet for perfectionist tendancies that drive people away from you in the real world, and I see a lot of actual passion in that you see so much potential in what we do here...I must say:

I'd normally say "please volunteer to do it yourself if you know what's so dope these days!". However , seems like you've been bestowed this gift on more than one occasion and have burned a few bridges.

So really, you can say what you trying to put across to us , without being a jerk-off. You have my permission. I know there's a strong mind in there that doesn't let doesn't let petty grudges taint the true message you bring to us.

It's a tonne of work to maintain and keep everything up to date ...and hell all of us are pretty awesome IRL so we got stuff to do you know? :P So chill.
*edit* stoned n drunk as shit after a concert btw so flame on! lol

and this should be moved to InvArse's topic in site suggestions or whatever.

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