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Originally Posted by (wraith_) View Post
Once upon a time, I was really into romhacking/translation and website administration (strictly as a hobbyist) These days, I'm mostly into hiking in the White Mountains (12/48 4000-footers summitted), spending time with my girlfriend (who is awesome), and working (Ack! The dreaded "job"). Unfortunately, video games have mostly fell by the wayside. I hope everyone is well!
Can't get into the hiking thing; I really have an issue with heights. However, I do a lot of biking and went on a 130 kilometer trip out to eastern Hebei Province and back last month. It was pretty cool.

I spend pretty much all my time working, which means editing text or designing for print. If I have time I go out to take pictures around town. My wife and I are pretty boring: we only really get to go out once every other month. Usually too exhausted from the jobs.

Originally Posted by chiefmonkey View Post
1997? Wow, I didn't even know roms/emulators existed until 1998.
I'm so old school, Zophar's Domain didn't even exist when I learned about video game system emulation. Node99 and Damaged Cybernetics all the way!

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