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Default Hardest games youve ever played

On Normal difficulty settings

Nes: Battle Toads - This game is so frickin frustratingly hard. i dont know how many times i've tried to beat that game. i probably could beat it now with emulators and save states and what not.

Ultima Exodus: Never even knew what to do in this game. Fun game, just very hard and with no direction.

Marble Madness: errrrrrg. the damn game only had like 5 levels and i was so close.

Genesis: Eternal Champions - The most ridiculously hard fighting game ever

Snes: Raiden and Gradius *sigh*

GB/GBA/DS: Do they have ANY hard games? Maybe Fire Emblem

PSX: Legend of Legaia. Maybe MGS.

PS2: Devil May Cry. The Red Star - Both are very tough and frustrating.

WII: So far Mega Man 9 - i've been a huge old school megaman fan since forever. beat 1-8 and a couple of the X series'. 9 is the only one to ever feel unfair/cheap to me.

X360: Rainbow Six Vegas, Ghost Recon - I just suck at those teamwork/tactics/stealth shooters. Im more of a run and gun.

Systems i've never owned dont appear on my list excluding atari, intellivision, etc. I hate to use cheat codes and strategy guides/faqs and its extremely rare for me to use one unless something just seems absolutely impossible and i cannot figure it out - normally after dying a million times. i'll generally just tough it out.
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