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Why, why, why are we even speaking of copyrighted material? If we're adding those, we might as well start an exploit section with exploits for the various consoles, with links to offsite copyrighted stuff...

I think you're missing the point of ZD.

If all of you who want to spend time (maybe lots of) updating and adding commercial or doubtful roms to the site, spent the same amount updating the emulation section with releases (old releases that are still newer than the files on ZD and with no need for a newspost, or maybe just a general one saying "all the emulators have been updates where possible"), or even just helping in your area of choice, maybe ZD would be in a better shape than what it is ATM.

I can't really tell if this is true, but it seems to me that most content managers are kinda "new" to ZD. Maybe you've been a part of the old forums for a long time, maybe not. I can only remember some of you from the old times (The 9th Sage, Iconoclast, Lillymon as well but she's not a content manager I think.) and sincerely I can't remember any of you being part of the old ZD Staffer team.

I wish you could have been part of the Staff on the good old days. Then you would know what the true spirit of ZD was at those times.

For commercial roms there are sites with way more content and with a more effective system than ZD has. There are torrent files with full sets for most of the systems, even CD based ones as the Saturn.

ZD was never about roms \ piracy even if it could be exploited not to look as if it was piracy.

ZD was about emulation to the full extent of it, the technology, the scene, the completeness of it's archives, so that even in a (maybe not so) distant future, people could see what we were doing in 2008 just as now people can still see how the emulation scene was in 2000.

I used to spend hours making news posts and updating the old html based archive. In fact I might still hold the record for most (quality) newsposts in a row (28 I believe it was). I'd spent countless hours looking for news on sites, in times where there wasn't such a thing as a RSS feed, I'd upload 4 and 8Mb files on a 56k dialup connection, all that because I loved (and still do) love the emulation and the emulation scene. I've never updated a ROM (not even a PD one), not because it wasn't my job (it really wasn't, there was another staff for that section), but because I thought (and still do) that ROMS wasn't what ZD was all about.

Even as I speak, it's 2 PM at the moment where I live, I didn't sleep yet, but there are no new emulator releases since my last newspost. Sure there are plenty of old ones to update and I'll get to that as well, but I'm going to sleep thinking I did a good job and that maybe I helped so that this stupid (IMHO) discussion ends.

I wish we could have Brad's or Sam's opinion on this. I'd really like to read them.

Oh, the good old days...

Have you read Zophar's Emulation Dream article recently?

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