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Originally Posted by Xeon3D View Post
As you say, then every exploit can be used for homebrew. So we can use them all, the Pandora thingy / Firmwares for PSP, ooooohhhh homebrew, FreeMCLoad for PS2 or Swap trick was only for homebrew as well, Nintendo DS WifiMe etc only started for homebrew as well!

In my opinion, it reeks of irony, every time a new exploit is released because they always announce they found out a new way to run homebrew code, but someone *always* finds a way to boot "backup" games out of it. I wonder if there's any exploit out there that can only run homebrew and not pirate copies even if it needs another program on top of it.
Why bother going through all that effort? I don't see what's so wrong about cramming 18 DS games you bought onto a flash card so you don't have to carry around all of them; or, in the case of the PSP, one or two games off of your MS Pro Duo so you don't waste battery charge on running the UMD drive. I don't consider any of that pirating.

Sorry about the "rant-liness" of the posts. It's sometimes my fault for writing them that way added with the fact that my English is still not as good as if I was a native speaker, so my word choices may make it a little ranty. Also, sometimes, I can't just help it when people are trying to make something look like it's all right when in fact it is not!
Whatever. Your English is better than many native speakers.

As for the original topic, rattlehead is not a lawyer. While I'm not one either, it does help sometimes if you read the laws, rulings, and exceptions. The ruling applies to the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA. That means that it only allows certain people (libraries and archives) to bypass copy protection measures in order to serve their function as a library / archive. While the legal definition of what an archive is or isn't could be a little murky, the organization would still have to own a copy of the original work. Furthermore, the copy they would get from circumventing any of the original work's copy protection would be for archival purposes only. This ruling doesn't let you offer games to everyone and his brother.
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