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Originally Posted by Xeon3D View Post
Why, why, why are we even speaking of copyrighted material? If we're adding those, we might as well start an exploit section with exploits for the various consoles, with links to offsite copyrighted stuff...
I agree with you whole-heartedly except on this one point. The exploits themselves do not equate piracy. Take the Twilight Hack. There is some neat stuff you can do with it that is definitely not piracy (ie playing an awesome port of QuakeGL on your Wii). The sad fact is that, of course, someone with know how will eventually say to themselves..."Can I do this? Maybe I can pirate (for example) Virtual Console channels this way...".

In this example, the hombrew has plenty of legitimate uses, and even the program that you can use to pirate the VC channels has some legitimate uses (installing homebrew Wii channels) is just sadly used by pirates too.

Anyway, that was a bit rant-like. That is just something that bothers me. :P Besides that, excellent post man.
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