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Originally Posted by Lillymon View Post
Simple really. People think of me as male in real life, I wanted somewhere were people would think of me as female, and treat me as such. The online environment was the only place with enough abstraction between me and everyone else to make that possible.

That need gradually faded with time, but then inertia takes over. Once a lie has existed long enough to become an alter-ego with her own description and backstory, she becomes harder to kill off.

Well I've never told anyone but when you first started posting from your style I actually thought you were female but possibly a lesbian. I never suspected you were a man but you were more logical and to the point than most women in your postings. The other possibility which is the one I ended up believing was that like some men that were highly intelligent which was the way you always came off in your responses you were a very intelligent woman that was just less emotional or repressed her emotions and logic and fact were your bread and butter.

This is something I just took for granted after a while since you've never acted like someone your own age and after what you told us here in the diaries a few years back about your life when you were younger I assumed you like myself when younger were disappointed in the world in general and took refuge in books and learning.

I will admit I would have never guessed you were a man but I never thought of you as a girl either or better yet a girl of the age you said you were when you first joined since the emotional seesaw of a very young girl was missing in your responses. I just considered you super smart like Brooke "inuyasha's ex" without the emotional releases girls have. Very controlled behavior was how you appeared, and I also wondered how you could always unless someone really did something mean or something that would piss you off control your emotions so well but this would explain it all.

Well whatever you do I'll still think you're Lillymon. Not the girl but the intelligent person I've known here and at EP for years and respect.
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