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Originally Posted by Lillymon View Post
Simple really. People think of me as male in real life, I wanted somewhere were people would think of me as female, and treat me as such. The online environment was the only place with enough abstraction between me and everyone else to make that possible.

That need gradually faded with time, but then inertia takes over. Once a lie has existed long enough to become an alter-ego with her own description and backstory, she becomes harder to kill off.
Huh. Well...fair enough. Wow though. I certainly didn't expect something like this to occur tonight. Honestly, I wouldn't have guessed (though of course that was kinda the point).

Also, may as well finally post a picture of myself. I don't have many good ones, and someone is borrowing my camera at the moment (I really wish they'd give it back :P) but here's one from my webspace over at my blog:

Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.


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