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Case: HP Pavilion XT953 Stock Case
Power Supply: I have no idea.
Motherboard: Asus CUW-AM
CPU: Intel Pentium III @ 1Ghz
Cooling: Fans, maybe a heatsink in there somewhere. >.>
Hard Disk: Western Digital Caviar WD400AB @ 40GB
1. HP CD-Writer+ 8100
2. E-IDE CD-ROM 32X/AKU (Generic CD-Rom Drive)
Graphic Card \ Chip: Intel 810 Integrated Chipset
Sound Card \ Chip: Cirrus Logic Crystal CS4299 Integrated Chipset
Screen: emachines eView17 Flatscreen CRT Monitor
Keyboard & Mouse:
1. Micro Innovations KB530 Internet Keyboard
2. Micro Innovations MO42KOB Optical Scroll Mouse
1. Polk Audio D7272A (P/N: 5065-5408), made to mount onto the HP Monitor that came with the comp. The monitor died soon after but the speakers still remained.
2. Koss UR21C High-Fidelity Headphones
Operating System(s):Windows XP Pro SP3
1. Intel USB Video Camera III (VGA Webcam)
2. SMC EZ Card 10/100 (Ethernet Card for DSL)
3. HP Scanjet 4400c (Photo Scanner)
4. Lexmark 730 series printer
5. LinkSys WRT54G Wireless Router (So my Wii can get DSL too)

*Reads everyone elses specs*
Dear lord, this thing IS old!

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