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Default Well I'll be....

Amazing, I was googling to see if a dump for a Wonderswan game had finally been dump and one of the results was Zophar's Domain, but with a nice face lift. I can't express the joy of seeing this site alive again. Emulation as been part of my life for a decade now, in fact, this summer marks the 10th year anniversary (1998) of me being introduced to this wonderful concept of playing old school games on my PC.

I don't recall how my old user name from back then (I think it was SuperSonic something), but I do recall some of the old flame wars regarding the impact that emulation would have on the video game market.

Ironically, even with all the major systems from the past emulated and 99.9% of the old school game library is available on multiple websites, the video game market is stronger that it has ever been. Even funnier, the video game market has even copied the emulation scene, allowing people to download old school games on their new consoles.

Things sure have changed in the ways I use emulation now. I went from playing on Pentium 100MHz plugged on a 15" monitor, sitting at my computer desk with Sidewinder controllers to having a living room media PC (micro ATX with AMD Dual Core) on an 32" LCD TV using Wiimotes and Classic Controllers via bluetooth.

Don't think I'll be posting much since emulation has been pretty much stable to me for years now, but it's nice to know that this place is coming back to life just in case I need a trip down memory lane.
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