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I know some of the stuff in this movie seems way too "out there" to be believable; however, it does bring up some questions because pieces of the puzzle don't fit together right.

1. How is it possible that 6 (i think it was 6) of the alleged hijackers of the 9/11 attacks are still alive and had nothing to do with it? <img src=smilies/retard.gif>

2. Why did that 3rd building near the trade towers randomly collapse? A fire would not have done that to a steel building.

3. Why were traces of thermite and molten steel found at the world trade center? Steel will become softer near temperatures at which jet fuel burns, but it will never reach melting point!

4. Why are all 80 surveillance tapes of the attack on the pentagon being hidden from us? And how could someone even manage a maneuver like that, especially a pilot that was not very well trained on small planes.

5. Why were all those exercises being run at the exact times the planes were being hijacked so that NORAD was unable to respond in time?

Did Bin Laden even have anything to do with this attack? <img src=smilies/eek13.gif>
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