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Default Re: General Information about SMILE needed please.

thanks for the reply, didn't expect the first person to help me would be the man himself lol.

Another question, hopefully you read this tonight cause im full of insomnia and messing with smile right now. can I simply expand the rom, and create the new room in the expanded new banks? Its been a few years since I've sat and stared at hex code (metedit only did so much), and i'm hopein to find a bypass to the whole "find this in hex" step, but If that cant be done, ill just do it the regular way.
One more question, then I'll leave ya alone. I've been tryin to set up a debug sort of room, just to test stuff in til i get better at SMILE, and my main thing is, PLMS. I've just been playin around and tried to make the space jump item in a place early in the game, and everytime I enter the room with it inside, the emulator freezes. any idea what im doing wrong, or should know?
I appreciate your help very greatly.
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