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Default Re: General Information about SMILE needed please.

>but I've spent quite a bit of time, and learned quite
>a few things so far.

Always a good way to start.

>My main question is, is it possible to add on entirely new
>rooms through smile?

Yes. The trick (in the current version) is to (back-up) go into the pointer editor and change the pointer to the level data to an unused section of the game . . . You'd need to look at the area with a hex editor to verify that it's empty, of course, but the editing portion is still done in SMILE.

After making the level data point at the new intended spot for the room, you'll want to save the room... This will save the current level data at the new location. Voila, new room (new level data section anyway). There is more to be done, but a bit too in depth to go into in one post.

>and setup entry into it through a door.

1) Go to the room you want to enter.
2) On the edge of the screen where you want the door to be, type "C" for "clone". This makes a "clone door" . . . Essentially, SMILE is guessing about the default values you'd need for a door entering this room at this location.
3) Go to the room that you will be coming from.
4) Put the mouse over the appropriate door (door type tile, not just the bubble) and type "D" for "Door editor".
5) Choose your clone door from the list and "Transfer" it
6) "Remember" to get the door to keep those values
7) Save the room... You should now have a working door pointing to your new room.

>If there are any instruction documents that extensively detail
>basic editing, can someone point me to them?

Right now, the best documents are in japanese. Can't remember the site, but someone could probably point you in the right direction. I've started help files in the past, but no one ever reads them (ironically, everyone complains that I never finished them). I will be making a very simplistic help system/file/wtfe in the near future to explain some of the "hidden" features of smile.

The files from me will not be until after the next release though.... Possibly not until after the one after that even. Some fairly drastic changes are in the works that change how a lot of stuff is done.
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