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Default Re: A few SMILE questions

> For question 1, it looks like SMILE cant edit that,
> according to Kejardon's documents that you linked to, more
> specifically the AutoMapIcons.txt and he notes that it
> probably won't be added to SMILE for some reason

Right and right . . . That document of Kej's is probably your best bet on finding the info you need.

An extra word on #3 though . . . Some rooms use 0000 and 0001 as "pointers" to scroll data. Either of these values will (though SMILE won't show this correctly) will automatically set each and every screen in the room to a green scrolling area. This can save some space in rooms that have no need for seperate scroll data.

BTW- I skimmed the code for the scroll loader in the game (doors only) and it appears that any value from 0000-7FFF will give you the same result.
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