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Default Re: A few SMILE questions

On the second issue, I'm actually stumped as to what it could be. Because I changed one of the rooms that normally connects to the ship room in crateria to still connect to the ship room, only through a different door, and it still causes that error even though its a room that normally causes no problems when transversing to the ship room. Thus, all the pointers should still be the same as far as FX, BG data, etc. It's almost as if the doors are causing it, not the rooms themselves.

And yes, I've played Redesign and a few of the Japanese hacks like Limit and Legacy, although I don't think I could ever make something as extensive as Redesign, since it requires rom expansion and a lot of ASM stuff.

For question 1, it looks like SMILE cant edit that, according to Kejardon's documents that you linked to, more specifically the AutoMapIcons.txt and he notes that it probably won't be added to SMILE for some reason
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