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Default I'm gonna hurt in the morning.

I just wrestled a great show tonight. I possibly had the best match of my career thus far, definately the best since I've moved to this area and started working for this promotion.

The crowed was small, only about 150 people but they were loud. They were cold towards me at first, they didn't pop when I entered the ring and they jeered at me as my MUCH larger "opponent" clobbered me for the first three minutes of the match. Eventually I gained control by reversing an irish whip and putting my "opponent" into the opposite turnbuckle. I ran at him, jumped, and placed two knees directly into his chest Tony Jaa style and followed with a drop kick to his face after he fell into a sitting position in the corner. The absolutely loved that shit, and popped every time I did a move. I finished the match when my "opponent" threw me into the air in front of him and as I came down I performed a DDT (grabbed him behind the neck and slammed his face into the mat). They didn't quite cheer, but ooooooohhed. I made the pin. 1. 2. 3. And got a huge pop.

One of the best crowd reactions I've ever gotten.

I'm quite pleased with myself. I'll upload some pictures when I get them from my girlfriend.
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