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Default Its not my intent to start a war.

I didn't plan on starting a war.
I just asked if it could be done.

To each there own, sir. That's why I made TWO proposed title screens: One with the romaji title for the purists, and another with what would've been the US title, had Sd3 been released here. If wanting to change something in a rom is a huge sin, then I guess you should stone the nice girl who made that class sprite color patch.

Or maybe you could violently thrust rusty pitch-forks up the rectums of those bored, curious folks who decided to english dub all the japanese audio dialogue, spells and attacks in the Tales of Phantasia SNES rom?

Maybe I'm a dumb gaijin, but saying that Sd3 isn't part of the Mana franchise is like saying Episode 3 isn't part of Star Wars. And if that's the case, maybe all the SoM-related games way back to Final Fantasy Adventure to Sword of Mana should be renamed to Holy Sword [#]? Or maybe you should just play games with kanji only?
See, look... romaji, and a pretty font.
Almost kinda looks like the font from SoM1

> You're shitting me...
> You mean that the gorgeous English font title that Neill
> painstakingly and skillfully created is not proper?
> The title of the game is Seiken Densetsu 3
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